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Overview of the Travel and Tourism Industry and Training

The biggest employing industry in the world is coming out of its slumber and creating lakhs of jobs ! Travel and Tourism industry is an awesome option for those looking for an exciting career now ! The huge employment potential that is being generated globally by this industry is bringing cheers to economically backward countries too.

Having been ravaged by the 2008 / 2009 recession, Travel, Tourism and the Aviation industry almost but gave up ! However, the collapse of Lehman Brothers which led to the global economic landslide, obviously hasn't been enough to tie down a giant industry as ancient as human race itself is and which is as essential as ever to its growth.

From Swiss Air to Delta Airlines to King Fisher Airlines (in India), there was a slew of bankrupt companies who fell by the wayside then. Today, emergence of many new airlines in the budget sector itself is a great indication of evolving fortunes of the Travel Trade.

New economies in Europe like Uzbekistan to the exotic Koh Samui in the South East Asia are now hosting lakhs of Tourists every year.

This is as good as any time past present and future to dive into the employment and business opportunities in this sector. Training opportunities and infrastructure are being upgraded by companies and institutions who are bracing to take on the demand that would stem from this situation.

Move over, traditional Professions like Engineering and Medicine. The new generation is set to fly high in the sky and go far and wide in the evolving global village called Earth !

This is what the global economy needs. Global Citizens. Which ... this industry and the training it provides will deliver....

Anit Gopinath